Projects and Clients

We are engaged by many industry leading companies on a variety of different projects

Ports & Rail | Oil & Gas | Civil Infrastructure and Maintenance | Manufacturing


Ports and Rail

Power Pumping provides industrial services to many privately and publicly owned Australian ports and rail networks.  

These services include:

  • Vacuum loading around conveyor belts and tracks
  • Concrete demolition of wharfs using high pressure water blasting to remove old concrete for replacement
  • Pipe cleaning using high pressure water blasting
  • Liquid waste removal of contaminated water from sumps and spills


Oil and Gas

Power Pumping plays a major role supporting some of the worlds largest oil and gas companies operating from Western Queensland down to regional South Australia.  

These services include:

  • Remediation of tailings dams and drill mud ponds
  • Waste removal from drill rigs and camps
  • Vacuum excavation of bell holes for pipeline tie-ins and cross overs
  • Vacuum excavation of live HV lines inside gas plants
  • Cleaning of water and gas pipelines 


Civil Infrastructure and Maintenance

Power Pumping’s civil services are engaged by some of Australia’s largest construction companies and many municipalities.  

Projects range from transport, such as the Gold Coast Light Rail and road upgrades, to commercial and industrial construction projects and asset maintenance.  

These services include:

  • Service location via electronic, radar and vacuum excavation
  • Drain cleaning for maintenance or prior to site handover
  • Concrete demolition using high pressure water blasting to remove old concrete for replacement
  • Liquid waste removal of gross pollutant traps, sewage, paints, oils and contaminated water.



Power Pumping partners with manufactures of building products, heavy equipment, food and beverage and energy (refineries, smelters and power stations).  The services Power Pumping provides are as diverse as they are customised:

  • Medium to long term shutdown maintenance
  • High pressure water blasting of storage and processing tanks, boilers, pipework, heat exchangers
  • Vacuum loading of heavy solids, liquids and powders
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